Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

Full AeroPack (top) Luftstürmer zbV (bottom)

Meta Engineering and the advent of Gem Capacitor-powered electric motors have enabled the development of ducted fan engines with a high thrust-to-weight ratio capable of generating jet-like performance. This revolutionary technology makes personal flight systems unable to get off the drawing board with fuel-based propulsion a reality.

A two-engine design first seen in the United States gives the pilot superior range and flight maneuverability. However, intelligence reports from Heiligtum, the ODESSA-controlled sanctuary zone at the center of Berlin, detail a Luftstürmer zbV unit wearing a single-engine variant. Although it has a shorter range and is less maneuverable, a single-engine is admirably suited for combat engagements where short bursts or jumps between targets and cover are the order of the day.

Credits: Pulp Fiction miniatures by Bob Murch, painting courtesy of Gary Johnson.


Katerina and Katya Morozov, having fled Russian persecution of Psycrafters, are the latest addition to the Order of Dark Hearts and the entertainment roster of the Alchimie Noir nightclub in London. The Winter Sisters burlesque act belies the fire and flame both Energy Adepts can control through their Psychic Talents that include among others Incendiary Touch, Fire Lash, Flame Control, and Walk in Fire.

Incendiary Touch (Tier 1) causes your hand to be wreathed with gently undulating wisps of red, green, or violet flames; the color reflective of your Morality: Red for Immoral, Green for Amoral, and Violet for Moral. Anyone you touch suffers a severe burn at the point of contact and it also simply allows you to set fire to things. The light cast by the flames can bring light to the darkness.

Fire Lash (Tier 2) allows to you reach out to any fire present, perhaps simply the flame from a lighter, and bring into existence a wieldable 15-foot long whip of dancing flames that strikes opponents inflicting both fire damage and excruciating pain. Unlike a physical whip the movement is controlled by your mind and as such does not require any Skill with a whip. Although unnecessary many practitioners physically mimic the use of a real whip. As you increase in Rank you become able to project the “handle” of the whip at a distance.

Flame Control (Tier 2) provides control over the movement of flames from a single fire source, directing it as you see fit. You could move through a corridor filled by flames by simply pushing them aside. Or perhaps pull the flames from a fireplace to scorch those warming themselves.

Walk in Fire (Tier 1) allows you alter the properties of your skin to move through flames or other areas of intense heat without injury. Whatever you are wearing is, however, not so protected.

Beyond its Dieselpunk theme, NecroMech takes style cues from film noir to provide the opportunity to meet or even play a femme fatale character. Gun, knife, and poison are all options… post seduction of course!


Starting with a WWII uniform or just 1940s period dress means the first step into Dieselpunk cosplay is an easy one.

Adam and Rachel who have started playing “Bonnie” and “Clyde” in the Stitched! adventure…


Margaret Russell
(aka “Bonnie”)

Energy Adept (Rank 1)
Talents: Biocurrent, Burst, Molecular Agitation, and Abnormal Adhesion
Skills: Car/Truck, Lock Picking, Mechanic, Sleight of Hand, and Handgun
Weapon(s): Beretta Model 1934 (2 d10 at Medium Range)
Hate the water!

Your Italian-immigrant family wanted you to become a secretary, but you were more interested in tinkering with the cars in your father’s garage. You continue to be a part-time ambulance driver that started during the war. Seeing yourself as a “racing driver” in the mold of those competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but with professional car racing a thing of the past, you pursue this passion through your role as getaway driver.
A gifted mechanic you use your psychic skills to improve car performance, but also to heat the metal stays in your corset to keep toasty warm while waiting for your partners in crime. Your knowledge of how to open locks and by-pass the ignition comes in handy when simply “needing” a vehicle. Something that happens quite frequently.
Motivation (Amoral): The need for speed… in life and all things.

Peter White
(aka “Clyde”)
Reaper (Rank 1)
Talents: Readiness, Lighten Object, Mind Razor, and Dodge
Skills: Submachine Gun, Handgun, Gunsmith, Close Quarters Combat, Black Market Trading, and Gambling
Weapon(s): Thompson Submachine Gun ((3 d10)x3 at Long Range), Colt M1911 (2 d10 at Medium Range), Close Quarters Combat (d10+3, 30% stun for 2 rounds, 30% restrain)
Extremely well-built.

One of the “Bevin Boys” conscripted in December 1943, age 18, to work in the coal mines. Resenting this and seeing the potential in your new psychic gifts as a way to right the balance you return to London and adopt a life of crime. After a brief tenure in the VdGG, during which time you meet and fall for Margaret, you both decide to go it alone. With firearms a cornerstone of your new life you take a brief apprenticeship with a gunsmith. *Alone you are Immoral but around Margaret tend towards more Amoral as she helps you control your more unpleasant impulses. Motivation (Immoral/Amoral*): Never be told what to do AND always protect Margaret.


SOE Team Lead

Born December 30th, 1918 in Perth, Scotland
Height 6’0”
Facial scar over left eye

Reaper (Rank 7)
Cobra Strike*, Ravage,* Blade Storm*
Lighten Object
Sense Danger, Anticipation
Mind Razor
Dodge, Temporal Acceleration
Adrenaline Rush
*Specialization Talents

Robert initially follows in his father’s footsteps, a year after his death in 1935, into the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) at age 18. No surprise in a military family that can trace its roots back to the Jacobite rising of 1715. However, when the opportunity presents itself in June 1940, Corporal Hannay transfers to the No. 11 Commando in June 1940. It is here that Robert’s path crosses with Gordon Ashton’s, a member of No. 7 Commando, while part of the Layforce attack on Bardia in April 1941.

The unit was disbanded later in 1941 but not before suffering heavy casualties during the conflict with the Vichy French to secure a crossing over the Litani River. However, Robert’s skilled knife work had earned him a reputation and the attention of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) to which he was subsequently recruited.

With strong Scottish roots his time training at Arisaig, on the rugged west coast of the Scottish Highlands, leaves a profound impression. Consequently, before leaving Robert purchases an isolated farmhouse and surrounding land on the Isle of Mull.

A sanctuary of sorts for both his mother and his “best friends”, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Holmes and Watson, named as an homage to his favorite literary characters especially with the (albeit 64 rather than 221b) Baker St. connection. Ample sheep, fish, and peat for fuel make for self-sufficiency while the local Ledaig whisky distillery provides for a little relief when the pressure of life gets too much.

With reddish-brown hair, ginger beard, and a scar running from just above his left eye down to mid-cheek, Robert could be termed ruggedly handsome. But once his hair and beard are cut very short, and the left side of his head shaved completely to reveal his tattoo of the Scottish flag, menacing is a more apt description.

After the Rip and the emergence of his Reaper psychic talents Robert’s skills with a blade become unequalled; a truly terrifying combination put to very good use by the SOE. Although proficient with many firearms Robert only resorts to their use when absolutely necessary, and in such cases, prefers they be silent. A reflection perhaps of his quiet, introverted, personality.

While not on mission Robert splits his time either following a path of physical mastery, relentless exercise, and athletic perfection or in complete contrast, drinking at the Alchimie Noir nightclub. His libation of choice – aged Ledaig single malt whisky; a special reserve held behind the bar just for him by Madame “G” who finds the quiet man who wears his clan tartan kilt to her club intriguing, albeit a source of frequent physical altercations. It is after one particularly violent night involving the ejection of multiple patrons that he gives her an ebony-handled Shanghai knife as way of apology. Or maybe just an excuse for a gift since Robert is quite smitten…


With the blame for the Rip firmly on U.S. nuclear weapons use, combined with the socio-economic impact of Taft administration policies, has soured Canadian-U.S. relations to almost breaking point. Canada is now firmly committed to the British Empire.

Camp X has long since re-located from Whitby and the potential eyes of OSS operatives to Newfoundland. The isolation and harsh conditions perfect for the required secrecy surrounding Project AERO (Adverse Elements Research & Operations). Still under SOE direction the Training syllabus focuses on Winter Camouflage, Cold Water Diving, Cold Weather Survival, First Aid, and even Ice Axe as a weapon. Any operative lucky enough to spend 2 weeks at Camp X gains 250 Skill Points in three of these skills and 100 in the other two.

But it is always left up to prospective students to get there themselves. Only camp and research personnel are able to take the direct 2200 mile flight from Glasgow to Goose Bay… so not an easy task!


So the adventure in voice-over recording has got under way with the actual equipment arriving yesterday. Next steps are to set up our own “sound booth” and do a trial run for recording the narration for Stitched! Luckily my own English-accent together with some clever Adobe Audition manipulation will make for a great 1940s radio announcer feel. With the narration done we’ll be moving on to the character dialog scenes for which I will be scouting for talent. This will include packing everything up and making a trip to Indianapolis next month to record some of our other NecroMech team members as well as lining up some professional voice-over artists and perhaps one or two celebrity cameos as well. Watch this space to follow our progress as we start to develop the real immersive gameplay potential of NecroMech…

Equipment list
CAD Audio Equitek E100S Large Diaphragm Supercardioid Condenser Microphone
Zoom H5 Four-Track Portable Recorder
Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter
CAD Acousti-Shield 22 Stand-Mounted Acoustic Enclosure
CAD MH510 Personal Headphones
Mic Cable, 20 ft.
On-Stage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand

by Clare Hollingworth, ace reporter

Excerpt: “The rumors are true… the St. Ermin continues to be a central hub of London intrigue. Operators for the SOE, MI5, MI6 and all their opposing counterparts continue to utilize the hotel for clandestine meetings, while enterprising souls looking for an edge in their own endeavors frequent the Caxton Bar to curry favor, get an introduction, obtain some valuable crumb of information, or even arrange to buy special equipment from weapons brokers working all sides. But is there more? What is the Russia connection?”


The St. Ermin’s hotel can provide endless opportunities for storytelling, beginnings to myriad adventures, while offering players a central location to make “connections” for whatever they could potentially require. However, say the wrong thing to the wrong person and things could go south in a heartbeat, or perhaps come back to bite later… at the most unfortunate moment.

Clare Hollingworth (NPC) is always hungry for a story and may be persuaded to provide information, both directly or indirectly, through her extensive network of contacts.

Although characters can have a mix of psychic Talents that offer offensive, defensive, and utility abilities the Reaper class is particularly adept when it comes to physical combat.

Cobra Strike → Ravage → Blade Storm

Readiness → Trick Shot → Deadeye

Obsidian Fist → Catastrophe → Executioner

Adrenaline Rush → Vertical Climb → Unfettered Movement

Lighten Object → Def Digits → Fetch

Mind Razor → Farsight → Sharpen Senses

Dodge → Temporal Acceleration → Shield of Steel

Sense Danger → Anticipation → Indomitability

Harmonic Control → Leech Regeneration → Fight On

The key attributes of a Reaper are Dexterity and Perception and they are characterized through Talents that build on inherent awareness of body and mind to boost speed, power, and focus in the ultimate expression of martial expertise. Despite combat evolution during the war to a more mechanized, anonymous, kill-at-a-distance, style of mass destruction today’s need harkens back to a time of more personal one-on-one methods to deal with one’s enemies.

However, looks can be deceiving when lethality is beautifully packaged!


Mary Lewis (aka Razor) – Reaper

A gorgeous burlesque performer with a unique balloon pop routine involving various blades rather than pins which you have performed at the Alchimie Noir nightclub, owned by Madame “G”. You have all the traits of a femme fatale, able to get what you want, when you want it, without thought of anyone else. Able to play “vulnerable” but nothing could be farther from the truth. Woe betide anyone who thinks you are easy prey, this kitty has sharp claws.


Straight Razor Weapon Damage Profile

Straight Razor (Unconventional Weapons Skill)

You are able to effectively use a straight razor as potentially lethal weapon, especially as its small size and ease of concealment can often give you the drop on an opponent.

Dual-Wield (Fighting Style Skill)

With this skill you can use handheld melee weapons, such as knife or sword, equally well in either hand, or both. This allows you a Success chance, based on your (Proficiency+10)x2, to make a single extra off-hand (weapon) strike in the same round; this extra strike is rolled normally. Requires a minimum Dexterity of 8.

Cobra Strike (Tier 1) accelerates a single melee attack to strike swift and true. Often hitting your target before they have time to react your potent attack does severe damage.

Concentration: Passive. Becomes Subconscious at Rank 4

Life Energy cost: 10 per use.

Effect: +1 per Rank to Physical Initiative Roll. Additional d10 damage.

Adrenaline Rush (Tier 1) allows you to make amazing horizontal leaps especially if given a running start or to cross short distances in what seems the blink of and eye.

Concentration: Passive

Life Energy cost: 10 per round.

Effect: Increase maximum movement speed by 10% per Rank per round (non-cumulative). Increase maximum horizontal jump distance by 20% per Rank. This does not apply to a standing jump.

Sense Danger (Tier 1) gives you a sixth sense allowing you to perceive imminent threats.

Concentration: Active, Interruptible. Becomes Passive at Rank 4

Life Energy cost: 5 per minute.

Effect: While active you cannot be surprised.

Harmonic Control (Tier 1) harnesses your own Life Energy to heal minor wounds. If concentration can be maintained this allows you to ignore minor wounds, as they can be continually healed during combat. Consequently, Mind Razor (Active Talents are considered Passive) is a must have Talent!

Concentration: Active, Interruptible

Life Energy cost: Variable.

Effect: At Rank 1 heals 2 Health Points for each Life Energy point expended per round. At Rank 4 heals 3 Health points per Life Energy point. At Rank 7 heals 5 Health points per Life Energy point.

The Tradecraft skill of Seduction

Using your wily ways to lead whoever you please into giving away secrets, doing the unthinkable, betraying someone, or simply for fun and entertainment, is intoxicating. Why work for something when you can have someone else do it for you. Especially if there is a chance you could break a nail or ruin a suit. Amazing how the glimpse of a stocking top can grab the attention or offering a silk handkerchief to wipe away the tears breaks through all the barriers. The right look (up to a possible 25% additional bonus), the right time, the right words, are the only ins you need.
Charisma (Bonus) 7 (+5%), 8 (+10%), 9 (+20%), 10 (+30%)

And it is arguably the Shadow Weaver who is the best equipped in terms of their psychic Talents to make seduction truly their own.


Penelope Lake – Shadow Weaver (Rank 7)

Whether it be directly through their ability to alter appearance to suit.

Alter Self → Misperception → Invisibility

Alter Self (Tier 1) provides you with the ability to change minor physical characteristics such as eye color, hair color, facial wrinkles, fingernail length and shape, etc. for a period that can last for hours or even days. It should be noted that unnatural changes such as red eyes or taloned nails although permissible only last for minutes.

Concentration: Subconscious
Life Energy cost: 5 per hour; at Rank 1 you can change your appearance for 10 hours if no other Life Energy is expended. Add 1 hour per rank so at Rank 4 the effect can last two days and by Rank 10 over a week.
Effect: Allows you to change your appearance. “Unnatural” changes result in 1 hour becoming 1 minute when calculating duration.

Misperception (Tier 2) alters how others see you by forcing the desired image directly into their mind. The scope of what can be achieved is only confined by what the target(s) find believable; the greater the imagination the greater latitude. This ability does not change your actual physical characteristics and so allowing a target to touch you could negate their belief in what they are seeing. If the target leaves your presence and returns after some time has elapsed, then unless the ability is used again they will see you as you truly are. Also, if the mind of the target is protected by, for example, Bastion of Thought then the ability will have no effect.

Concentration: Passive. Becomes Subconscious at Rank 7
Life Energy cost: 5 per minute; at Rank 4 the effect lasts 13 minutes. Add 2 minutes per rank so at Rank 7 you can hold the appearance for almost two hours. In addition, at Rank 7 you can affect two targets, and at Rank 10 three.
Effect: Completely alter how you look within “believable” constraints. For, example, if the target believes in the devil you could appear so but not to an atheist. If you adopt an appearance that the target(s) find particularly attractive, then your effective Charisma is +2. The image is the same for all targets. The image persists in the mind of the target for 1 minute per Rank after they have left your presence. If they return within that time the image continues to hold until the duration is exhausted.

Or through more insidious mind manipulation!

Inquisition → Mind Probe → Memory Wipe

Inquisition (Tier 1) allows you to know when someone is lying unless their mind is protected in some way, such as through Bastion of Thought. However, you will become aware of any such protection IF your Intellect is greater than that of the target.

Concentration: Intense. Becomes Active at Rank 4. Becomes Passive at Rank 7
Life Energy cost: 10 per use.
Effect: For 1 minute per Rank you will be aware, barring other mental protections, when anyone within direct (i.e. not via telephone) ear shot is lying.

Mind Probe (Tier 2) makes your target’s short-term memories and knowledge accessible without them being aware of the mental intrusion. Longer-term memory can be accessed through careful questioning that brings what you seek to the forefront of the mind. If your target’s mind is protected, for example through Bastion of Thought, they are entitled to try and rebuff your intrusion, but the result is not guaranteed. They will, however, become aware of attempt.

Concentration: Intense. Becomes Active at Rank 7
Life Energy cost: 25 per use.
Effect: At Rank 1 you are able to (re)view the last 5 minutes of your targets memories for significant information. This increases by 5 minutes per Rank so by Rank 10 you can scan back as far as 50 minutes. For every Rank difference between you and your target, in their favor, they gain 20% change to rebuff the intrusion and become aware that it has been attempted. If you are successful, then the target never realizes what has happened.

Memory Wipe (Tier 3) eliminates recent memories from your target’s mind. As with Mind Probe if your target’s mind is protected, for example through Bastion of Thought, they are entitled to try and rebuff the erasure, but the result is not certain. They will, however, become aware of attempt. If a wipe is successful then the target may become disorientated and question “how did I get here”, “what was I doing”, “I’ve never met you before have I”, depending on circumstance. They do not, however, consciously know they have any lost memories.

Concentration: Intense
Life Energy cost: 30 per use.
Effect: You can effectively delete, up to, 1 minute per Rank of your targets memories.
The period you can go back is limited to 12 hours in the past. For every Rank difference between you and your target, in their favor, they gain 20% change to rebuff the intrusion and become aware that it has been attempted. If you are successful, then the target never realizes what has happened.