Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

by Clare Hollingworth, ace reporter

Excerpt: “The rumors are true… the St. Ermin continues to be a central hub of London intrigue. Operators for the SOE, MI5, MI6 and all their opposing counterparts continue to utilize the hotel for clandestine meetings, while enterprising souls looking for an edge in their own endeavors frequent the Caxton Bar to curry favor, get an introduction, obtain some valuable crumb of information, or even arrange to buy special equipment from weapons brokers working all sides. But is there more? What is the Russia connection?”


The St. Ermin’s hotel can provide endless opportunities for storytelling, beginnings to myriad adventures, while offering players a central location to make “connections” for whatever they could potentially require. However, say the wrong thing to the wrong person and things could go south in a heartbeat, or perhaps come back to bite later… at the most unfortunate moment.

Clare Hollingworth (NPC) is always hungry for a story and may be persuaded to provide information, both directly or indirectly, through her extensive network of contacts.

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