Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

NecroMech is the first Augmented TRPG to utilize digital technology, while retaining the essential fun of dice and miniatures, to take immersive, in-person “around the table”, gameplay as far as it can go before players have to don their sword and shield and head out into the woods.


But any war is not won in a single battle so…


Operation BLETCHLEY (Release 2, August 2019)
Mission Brief – Core rules and initial adventure.

  • Digital content delivery (iOS, Android, and PC) using 3rd party publishing platform optimized for large tablet and/or PC screen.
  • Integrated video, story narration, and Non-Player Character (NPC) dialog.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM); no paper or PDF.
  • Monthly ($9.99), quarterly ($24.99) and annual subscription ($59.99) options.
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) of new and updated content to unlock the unlimited potential of an ever-expanding game world.


What does this mean for players?

  • Continual refinement and improvement of game mechanics… especially when it comes to adventure design, it is impossible to anticipate all the ways that players can approach the tasks and hurdles they are presented with. Players may in fact come up with exciting and compelling alternatives not previously considered that can be included for all players to enjoy.
  • No more out-of-date books and having to buy (or pledge again on Kickstarter to get) the latest “new” edition after 1 or even 2 years.
  • No more having to work out to carry all the manuals.
  • Minimum investment. Don’t like it? Cancel.
  • Stop for a while. Come back. Re-subscribe to get the latest and greatest without having to buy another complete set of updated books.
  • Never finding out you paid for a book that someone else downloaded (PDF) for free.


Balancing playability vs. believability should not be a compromise. Too simple and the mechanics feel clumsy, cannot maintain the suspension of disbelief, with the players soon discovering the limitations and artifice. Add sophistication and complexity and, despite realistic odds and outcomes, the learning curve becomes steeper, and it takes much, much, longer to resolve things; storytelling and drama at the table suffer.


Operation BOMBE (Release 3, August 2020)
Mission Brief – NecroMech Encounter Resolution and Visualization Engine (N.E.R.V.E.) App, Miniature Recognition System, Augmented Reality API, and NecroMech Central.

  • Digital content delivery (iOS, Android, and PC) optimized by device, with support for document cross-indexing and links, annotation, user-defined external content links, search, bookmarking, and other usability enhancements.
  • Character Dossier creation and management.
  • Encounter resolution calculator with intuitive User Interface (UI) to enter Who1, Where2, and What to generate Outcome %Success.
  • Augmented Reality API demonstrated with our 1Miniature Recognition System [Patent Pending] and 2Lampix Digital Map(s).
  • Cloud-based platform for Player Portal, Content/Rules Management, and Subscription Management.
  • Mechanics synchronized with content.


Operation TURING (Release 4, August 2021)
Mission Brief – AI Gameplay Assistant, Additional AR Platform Support, and Heads Up Display (HUD).

  • Mechanics Macro Overlay: Easy, Cinematic, Realistic, and Hardcore, to configure NPC statistics, reaction profile, action predilection, etc.
  • Encounter tracking and recording to build a rich history for player characters.
  • Enable Player Characters to be used as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) by others.
  • Intelligent Non-Player Characters/Monsters that automatically decide on their actions based on circumstance and history, with only character design required by the GM.
  • Auto Prompt to help players with, for example, past contacts that could help in the current situation, or weapon selection based on not only its profile but also a player’s historical success and even motivation; perhaps the use a cudgel rather than a knife in dealing with a female guard.
  • Other AI driven enhancements we haven’t thought of yet!
  • Support for Google Glass* Multi-Player AR (enhanced digital maps, cut scene animation, etc.) and/or HUD.


What does this mean for Game Stores?

We will also introduce game store revenue sharing through (custom) pre-paid subscription cards and unique digital content to support game diversity without sacrificing shelf space.

The use of our immersive technology platform will, allow game stores (and other venues) to become value-add gameplay destinations, where players would be willing to pay-to-play…