Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

Content Release Calendar

April, 2021
Core Dossier 2.3.0 – Revamp and Relaunch
Stitched! Adventure (Europe) 2.0.0

June, 2021
Escape from Bedlam (London) 1.0.0 – Stand-alone 2 introductory adventure with Stitched! story bridge.

August, 2021
Core Dossier 3.0.0 – Including expanded U.S., Russia, and The Wastes.

October, 2021
The Quatermain Club (USA and Wastes) – Serial Episodes #1.

This does not include X.Y.n patch releases for content corrections.

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Press Releases

September 28, 2017 Alchimie, Inc. today released the latest playtest 1.2 version of the NecroMech TRPG as an App on both iOS and Android. (Download)

February 27, 2018 Alchimie, Inc. today launched the Kickstarter for NecroMech®, the first digital-only TRPG. (Download)

Other Coverage

Gen Con (August 2019) An interview with Kevin Hannah (Author) by Patrick Roberts from ghostcat entertainment.



Gen Con (August, 2017) Our first time out in public with an introduction to the game through Episode 1 from two of the in-development adventures: RPG17106470 Stitched! and RPG17106471 BIG Game.


HexaCon (January, 2018) Introducing local Denver players to the full Stitched! adventure.

GenCon (August 2019) We will be in Entrepreneurs’ Avenue Booth #2854 as well as running sessions for “Escape from Bedlam”, a stand-alone 2 hour introductory adventure taken from the upcoming Beast of Bedlam.


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