Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting


SOE Team Lead

Born December 30th, 1918 in Perth, Scotland
Height 6’0”
Facial scar over left eye

Reaper (Rank 7)
Cobra Strike*, Ravage,* Blade Storm*
Lighten Object
Sense Danger, Anticipation
Mind Razor
Dodge, Temporal Acceleration
Adrenaline Rush
*Specialization Talents

Robert initially follows in his father’s footsteps, a year after his death in 1935, into the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) at age 18. No surprise in a military family that can trace its roots back to the Jacobite rising of 1715. However, when the opportunity presents itself in June 1940, Corporal Hannay transfers to the No. 11 Commando in June 1940. It is here that Robert’s path crosses with Gordon Ashton’s, a member of No. 7 Commando, while part of the Layforce attack on Bardia in April 1941.

The unit was disbanded later in 1941 but not before suffering heavy casualties during the conflict with the Vichy French to secure a crossing over the Litani River. However, Robert’s skilled knife work had earned him a reputation and the attention of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) to which he was subsequently recruited.

With strong Scottish roots his time training at Arisaig, on the rugged west coast of the Scottish Highlands, leaves a profound impression. Consequently, before leaving Robert purchases an isolated farmhouse and surrounding land on the Isle of Mull.

A sanctuary of sorts for both his mother and his “best friends”, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Holmes and Watson, named as an homage to his favorite literary characters especially with the (albeit 64 rather than 221b) Baker St. connection. Ample sheep, fish, and peat for fuel make for self-sufficiency while the local Ledaig whisky distillery provides for a little relief when the pressure of life gets too much.

With reddish-brown hair, ginger beard, and a scar running from just above his left eye down to mid-cheek, Robert could be termed ruggedly handsome. But once his hair and beard are cut very short, and the left side of his head shaved completely to reveal his tattoo of the Scottish flag, menacing is a more apt description.

After the Rip and the emergence of his Reaper psychic talents Robert’s skills with a blade become unequalled; a truly terrifying combination put to very good use by the SOE. Although proficient with many firearms Robert only resorts to their use when absolutely necessary, and in such cases, prefers they be silent. A reflection perhaps of his quiet, introverted, personality.

While not on mission Robert splits his time either following a path of physical mastery, relentless exercise, and athletic perfection or in complete contrast, drinking at the Alchimie Noir nightclub. His libation of choice – aged Ledaig single malt whisky; a special reserve held behind the bar just for him by Madame “G” who finds the quiet man who wears his clan tartan kilt to her club intriguing, albeit a source of frequent physical altercations. It is after one particularly violent night involving the ejection of multiple patrons that he gives her an ebony-handled Shanghai knife as way of apology. Or maybe just an excuse for a gift since Robert is quite smitten…

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