Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting


With the blame for the Rip firmly on U.S. nuclear weapons use, combined with the socio-economic impact of Taft administration policies, has soured Canadian-U.S. relations to almost breaking point. Canada is now firmly committed to the British Empire.

Camp X has long since re-located from Whitby and the potential eyes of OSS operatives to Newfoundland. The isolation and harsh conditions perfect for the required secrecy surrounding Project AERO (Adverse Elements Research & Operations). Still under SOE direction the Training syllabus focuses on Winter Camouflage, Cold Water Diving, Cold Weather Survival, First Aid, and even Ice Axe as a weapon. Any operative lucky enough to spend 2 weeks at Camp X gains 250 Skill Points in three of these skills and 100 in the other two.

But it is always left up to prospective students to get there themselves. Only camp and research personnel are able to take the direct 2200 mile flight from Glasgow to Goose Bay… so not an easy task!

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