Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

Starting with a WWII uniform or just 1940s period dress means the first step into Dieselpunk cosplay is an easy one.

Adam and Rachel who have started playing “Bonnie” and “Clyde” in the Stitched! adventure…


Margaret Russell
(aka “Bonnie”)

Energy Adept (Rank 1)
Talents: Biocurrent, Burst, Molecular Agitation, and Abnormal Adhesion
Skills: Car/Truck, Lock Picking, Mechanic, Sleight of Hand, and Handgun
Weapon(s): Beretta Model 1934 (2 d10 at Medium Range)
Hate the water!

Your Italian-immigrant family wanted you to become a secretary, but you were more interested in tinkering with the cars in your father’s garage. You continue to be a part-time ambulance driver that started during the war. Seeing yourself as a “racing driver” in the mold of those competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but with professional car racing a thing of the past, you pursue this passion through your role as getaway driver.
A gifted mechanic you use your psychic skills to improve car performance, but also to heat the metal stays in your corset to keep toasty warm while waiting for your partners in crime. Your knowledge of how to open locks and by-pass the ignition comes in handy when simply “needing” a vehicle. Something that happens quite frequently.
Motivation (Amoral): The need for speed… in life and all things.

Peter White
(aka “Clyde”)
Reaper (Rank 1)
Talents: Readiness, Lighten Object, Mind Razor, and Dodge
Skills: Submachine Gun, Handgun, Gunsmith, Close Quarters Combat, Black Market Trading, and Gambling
Weapon(s): Thompson Submachine Gun ((3 d10)x3 at Long Range), Colt M1911 (2 d10 at Medium Range), Close Quarters Combat (d10+3, 30% stun for 2 rounds, 30% restrain)
Extremely well-built.

One of the “Bevin Boys” conscripted in December 1943, age 18, to work in the coal mines. Resenting this and seeing the potential in your new psychic gifts as a way to right the balance you return to London and adopt a life of crime. After a brief tenure in the VdGG, during which time you meet and fall for Margaret, you both decide to go it alone. With firearms a cornerstone of your new life you take a brief apprenticeship with a gunsmith. *Alone you are Immoral but around Margaret tend towards more Amoral as she helps you control your more unpleasant impulses. Motivation (Immoral/Amoral*): Never be told what to do AND always protect Margaret.

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