Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

Full AeroPack (top) Luftstürmer zbV (bottom)

Meta Engineering and the advent of Gem Capacitor-powered electric motors have enabled the development of ducted fan engines with a high thrust-to-weight ratio capable of generating jet-like performance. This revolutionary technology makes personal flight systems unable to get off the drawing board with fuel-based propulsion a reality.

A two-engine design first seen in the United States gives the pilot superior range and flight maneuverability. However, intelligence reports from Heiligtum, the ODESSA-controlled sanctuary zone at the center of Berlin, detail a Luftstürmer zbV unit wearing a single-engine variant. Although it has a shorter range and is less maneuverable, a single-engine is admirably suited for combat engagements where short bursts or jumps between targets and cover are the order of the day.

Credits: Pulp Fiction miniatures by Bob Murch, painting courtesy of Gary Johnson.

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