Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

Although characters can have a mix of psychic Talents that offer offensive, defensive, and utility abilities the Reaper class is particularly adept when it comes to physical combat.

Cobra Strike → Ravage → Blade Storm

Readiness → Trick Shot → Deadeye

Obsidian Fist → Catastrophe → Executioner

Adrenaline Rush → Vertical Climb → Unfettered Movement

Lighten Object → Def Digits → Fetch

Mind Razor → Farsight → Sharpen Senses

Dodge → Temporal Acceleration → Shield of Steel

Sense Danger → Anticipation → Indomitability

Harmonic Control → Leech Regeneration → Fight On

The key attributes of a Reaper are Dexterity and Perception and they are characterized through Talents that build on inherent awareness of body and mind to boost speed, power, and focus in the ultimate expression of martial expertise. Despite combat evolution during the war to a more mechanized, anonymous, kill-at-a-distance, style of mass destruction today’s need harkens back to a time of more personal one-on-one methods to deal with one’s enemies.

However, looks can be deceiving when lethality is beautifully packaged!


Mary Lewis (aka Razor) – Reaper

A gorgeous burlesque performer with a unique balloon pop routine involving various blades rather than pins which you have performed at the Alchimie Noir nightclub, owned by Madame “G”. You have all the traits of a femme fatale, able to get what you want, when you want it, without thought of anyone else. Able to play “vulnerable” but nothing could be farther from the truth. Woe betide anyone who thinks you are easy prey, this kitty has sharp claws.


Straight Razor Weapon Damage Profile

Straight Razor (Unconventional Weapons Skill)

You are able to effectively use a straight razor as potentially lethal weapon, especially as its small size and ease of concealment can often give you the drop on an opponent.

Dual-Wield (Fighting Style Skill)

With this skill you can use handheld melee weapons, such as knife or sword, equally well in either hand, or both. This allows you a Success chance, based on your (Proficiency+10)x2, to make a single extra off-hand (weapon) strike in the same round; this extra strike is rolled normally. Requires a minimum Dexterity of 8.

Cobra Strike (Tier 1) accelerates a single melee attack to strike swift and true. Often hitting your target before they have time to react your potent attack does severe damage.

Concentration: Passive. Becomes Subconscious at Rank 4

Life Energy cost: 10 per use.

Effect: +1 per Rank to Physical Initiative Roll. Additional d10 damage.

Adrenaline Rush (Tier 1) allows you to make amazing horizontal leaps especially if given a running start or to cross short distances in what seems the blink of and eye.

Concentration: Passive

Life Energy cost: 10 per round.

Effect: Increase maximum movement speed by 10% per Rank per round (non-cumulative). Increase maximum horizontal jump distance by 20% per Rank. This does not apply to a standing jump.

Sense Danger (Tier 1) gives you a sixth sense allowing you to perceive imminent threats.

Concentration: Active, Interruptible. Becomes Passive at Rank 4

Life Energy cost: 5 per minute.

Effect: While active you cannot be surprised.

Harmonic Control (Tier 1) harnesses your own Life Energy to heal minor wounds. If concentration can be maintained this allows you to ignore minor wounds, as they can be continually healed during combat. Consequently, Mind Razor (Active Talents are considered Passive) is a must have Talent!

Concentration: Active, Interruptible

Life Energy cost: Variable.

Effect: At Rank 1 heals 2 Health Points for each Life Energy point expended per round. At Rank 4 heals 3 Health points per Life Energy point. At Rank 7 heals 5 Health points per Life Energy point.

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