Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting


Left to right around the table we have Nathan (playing Energy Adept “Bonnie”), Amber (Qi Master “Ernie”), Ginette Hannah (Shadow Weaver “Gabby”), Danielle (Qi Master “YoYo”) and Asia (the infamous Energy Adept “Boom Boom”). Finally having solved the Sinclair mystery the group prepares to leave London and head to Paris…


The latest Othersider art from Doug Hoppes: Harvesters have physical commonality with their “Queen”, Hel. Horrific beauty incarnate. Waxy grey-green skin, yellow eyes, razor-sharp pointed teeth, taloned hands, and a sensual, curvaceous, feminine, body. Created as adults not born, the same black oily fluid from the vats they emerge from oozing through their veins in a unique pattern that is indicative of their level of psychic ability. The greater the patterning the greater the talent and with it higher hierarchical standing.


M.E.T.A. goes into high recruitment drive to attract aspiring engineers, especially Meta Engineers, through influential magazine articles and showing off their latest vehicles that utilize Electric Powered Jet Engines, now possible through Gemstone Capacitor “batteries” that fit in the hand yet have the power output of an entire Submarine Battery Pack or even more…

SOE Bulletin: M.E.T.A demonstration of combat vehicle prototype using Electric Powered Jet Engine technology scheduled for March (1950).


Madame “G”, proprietor of the Alchimie Noir nightclub, is hosting a landmark meeting with counterparts from The Registration club in New York. What better way to make the Americans feel at home! But other interested parties will be in attendance IF they are able to secure an invite…


A (two session) NecroMech Adventure in which you will use your psychic talents and tradecraft skills to penetrate the layers of intrigue in London and Paris and path the way to Berlin and ultimately discover the real reason the Special Operations Executive want you involved.


Even darker still we have our lead Othersider protagonist, Hel herself, as illustrated by our artist Doug Hoppes (www.shadowmyths.com).

With no human language of her own, only telepathic communication, Hel takes “her” name from the thoughts stripped from the mind of the first human being she encounters. In this case a German soldier who sees in her the literary “personification” of the bringer of death and ruler of the underworld. But not only her name. Knowledge of the world.
Although characterized more by her curved horns, sharp teeth, pale waxy skin, jet black eyes, and pulsing black veins, Hel still has a distinctly, even attractive, female form. Standing at almost 7 ft. she is encased feet-to-neck in black chitinous armor except for her back which is specifically cut to allow for the bone rings set there.

She is attended by 6 Supplicants attached via collars and bone chains to rings in her back. The collars are internally spiked. The Supplicants with weeping sores scream silently. These wretched creatures are examples of what can be wrought when flesh and bone become a canvas for a sadistic, twisted, inhuman mind. Using telekinetic abilities her supplicants are levitated and arrayed behind her in such a way as to be reminiscent of wings. Awful wings.


On the darker side of our game world we have the NecroMech’s themselves, the result of traumatic surgical grafting of tissue (or “Stitching” as it becomes known) from Othersiders to grant both psychic and physical abilities. For those willing to have an Oni donor eyeball pushed into a freshly vacated socket which then attaches to the optic nerve, tendrils growing along its length up into the recipient’s thalamus and hypothalamus, they can now see in the infra-red, no longer have to (or are even able to) sleep, and gain the psychic abilities Crushing Despair, Drowning Void, and Rigor Mortis.

Able to cause anyone who looks into their eye to feel completely despondent, stop what they are doing, and simply sit down, unable to act. Steal the breath from victims they can see, their lungs unable to function, eliciting the feeling that they are slowly falling into darkness. Or even wrap anyone looked at in death’s embrace.

However, the benefits come with a cost. Physical disfigurement. Persistent pain. Perhaps devolution into a mindless Hungerer…