Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting


On the darker side of our game world we have the NecroMech’s themselves, the result of traumatic surgical grafting of tissue (or “Stitching” as it becomes known) from Othersiders to grant both psychic and physical abilities. For those willing to have an Oni donor eyeball pushed into a freshly vacated socket which then attaches to the optic nerve, tendrils growing along its length up into the recipient’s thalamus and hypothalamus, they can now see in the infra-red, no longer have to (or are even able to) sleep, and gain the psychic abilities Crushing Despair, Drowning Void, and Rigor Mortis.

Able to cause anyone who looks into their eye to feel completely despondent, stop what they are doing, and simply sit down, unable to act. Steal the breath from victims they can see, their lungs unable to function, eliciting the feeling that they are slowly falling into darkness. Or even wrap anyone looked at in death’s embrace.

However, the benefits come with a cost. Physical disfigurement. Persistent pain. Perhaps devolution into a mindless Hungerer…

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