Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

If you are an Energy Adept with Incendiary Touch who needs matches! Based on art by Ástor Alexander. Incendiary Touch (Tier 1) causes your hand to be wreathed with gently undulating wisps of red, green, or violet flames; the color reflective of your Morality: Red for Immoral, Green for Amoral, and Violet for Moral. Anyone …

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Santa’s new Little Helper concept from M.E.T.A./Jaguar lets the reindeer take a well-deserved break and sit back to enjoy a glass of eggnog! Merry Christmas! SOE Bulletin: All Xmas frivolity aside, Jaguar in partnership with META, is working on radical new vehicle designs based around push configuration contra-rotating propeller systems.

Meta Engineering Technology Associates (M.E.T.A.) skirts British gun carry restrictions and offers their Gem Capacitor powered Jacob Electric Bolt Gun to the public for “self-defense”. Will Parliament react? SOE Bulletin: Sgt. Edward Saunders injured with Jacob Electric Bolt Gun. Describes it as being hit by lightning.

Using your wily ways to lead whoever you please into giving away secrets, doing the unthinkable, betraying someone, or simply for fun and entertainment, is intoxicating. Why work for something when you can have someone else do it for you. Especially if there is a chance you could break a nail or ruin a suit. …

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