Dark Fantasy Roleplaying in a Post-WWII Alternate History Dieselpunk Setting

Dieselpunk is at the core of NecroMech, reflected both in both character and world styling as well as technology development. In early 1950, despite almost 5 years since Meta Engineering became possible, technology advances are still in their infancy due to reliance on two rare commodities. Meta Engineers who using their Talents of Gemstone Capacitor → Psytomaton → Enhanced Psytomaton and Energize → Control Link → Extra Sensory Link are able to construct the fantastic. And polished carbonado (“black diamond”) that once made into a Gemstone Capacitor acts as “heart, brain, and eyes,” providing the power for weapons such as the UV Pulse Rifle and Jacob Electric Bolt Gun, enhanced vehicle performance through Metaboost™, or even the interactive control of a Remote Psytomaton Pilot.

Organizations search out Meta Engineers for recruitment to further their agendas, both voluntary and involuntary. At the public forefront are Meta Engineering Technology Associates or M.E.T.A. run by Brian and Brianna Murphy:


Brian Murphy


Brianna Murphy

Fortune seekers venture Otherside seeking carbonado, whose once controversial extraterrestrial origin theory is given credence with the discovery of its abundance there.

Over the coming months we will be exploring all avenues of Meta Engineering possibility. From planes, trains and automobiles to weapons, tradecraft equipment, and even consumer luxuries. As well as the stories behind their development and materials sourcing.


Geared out for the Otherside!

For Special Agents there is even the opportunity to include all things Meta Engineering as part of their in-game back story!

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